We make aerial pictures and videos for







Show your existing and future guests how beautiful your Home/Hotel and location is. Aerial photography is the most honest and at the same time most spectacular way to show your Hotel.

Tourism associations




With the right marketing tourist associations can attract more tourists for their community. To shine in an international comparison, aerial photography has become an essential tool.

Real estate



In real estate and in the construction industry aerial photography is on the rise. With large plots of lands, aerial imaging offers an even better overview than a phisical visit. Customers can watch a video and get a good impression from the comfort of their homes.




Companies can show their buildings in a spectacular fashion and stand out in a unique way on social networks.





Aerial photogrphy on television and sporting events have become indispensible. Now even smaller local events are able to afford this extraordinary new service for advertisement. We provide an affordable collaboration to athletes with potential.




Even at recreational events aerial photography offer a new view and an interesting addition to normal recordings.




Specially for restoration work drones are very interesting. Many objects like towers and bridges need to be checked frequently. Drones can help to make this work easier and faster. 

Civil protection / Geology



For civil defence and geology, video recordings from a drone offer vital information from dangerous areas without risking human lifes. A whole team can watch live what the drone sees. The recordings can also be examined at a later time.